Reto de Año Nuevo: Potenciar los músculos de la parte inferior del cuerpo

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Fortalezca la parte inferior del cuerpo para conseguir la máxima estabilidad. Today's 4-Minute Lower-Body Workout video will help you make the most of these muscle groups. 

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When it comes to everyday movement, the muscles of your lower body work together to make sure you stay balanced, stable, and supported. Even if you feel like your muscle strength isn’t where you want it to be, it’s never too late to build that power.   

A study on lower-body training in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science involved participants who ranged in age from 65 to 82, and after a couple months, those in the training group had significant improvements in strength and balance.   

More good news: You don’t need much time or even any gym equipment to achieve these benefits. In today’s video, SilverSneakers LIVE trainer Shannon Thigpen shows you four fundamental lower-body moves you can do whether you’re exercising at home or the gym.  

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How to Use the 4-Minute Lower-Body Workout 

Press play on the video above to follow along with Shannon as she guides you through different exercises that target your lower body. All you need are comfortable shoes and open floor space. Aim to do these exercises two to three times each week.

Como siempre, la clave es la seguridad. Get your doctor’s OK before beginning a new exercise program. If you have a chronic condition (including osteoporosis), balance issues, or injuries, talk to your doctor about how you can exercise safely.    

The exercises you’ll do include:  

Side-to-Side Lunges 

  1. Stand with your feet together and your hands on your hips. Engage your core.
  2. Take a wide step to the right. 
  3. When your foot hits the floor, hinge forward at the hips and bend your right knee to lower into a lunge. 
  4. Pause, then push off your right foot to return to standing. Esa es una repetición.
  5. Repeat on the left side. 
  6. Continúe alternando de lado a lado. 

Make it easier: Practice the side-to-side lunge progressions found here.   

Stationary Lunges 

  1. Stand tall with your arms down at your sides. Step back with your right foot, placing your toes on the ground and keeping your heel lifted.
  2. From this staggered stance, bend your front (left) knee to slowly lower your body as far as comfortable. Allow your back knee to bend as well until it hovers a few inches above the floor, but keep your weight pressed into your front heel. Meta la parte inferior del vientre y levante el pecho.
  3. Pause, then press through your front foot to raise your body back to standing. Esa es una repetición.
  4. Switch sides and repeat. 

Make it easier: Lean forward slightly from the waist to reduce stress on your joints or check out more ways to make lunges easier on your knees.  

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Sumo Squats 

  1. Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes turned out, hands at your sides or in front of your chest. 
  2. Engage your core and keep your chest lifted as you sink your weight into your heels. 
  3. Push your hips back and lower into a squat. 
  4. Drive through your heels to return to standing, squeezing your glutes at the top of the move. Esa es una repetición.
  5. Repeat. 

Make it easier: Practice the squat progressions found here. 

Do you like gym workouts? Try this Lower-Body Gym Workout that includes video demonstrations and tips for using key pieces of gym equipment, including cable machines and dumbbells.  

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