Journey To 30 Challenge: Chill Out with a Dessert Smoothie

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Who says sweet treats can't be healthy? Use our ideas for a smart, satisfying post-workout (or anytime!) refreshment.

Journey to 30 Challenge Chill Out With a Dessert Smoothie

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’ve put together the Journey to 30 Challenge! It’s four weeks of summer-fun activities to help you stay active, connect with the SilverSneakers community, and have a total blast doing it.This is Activity No. 9. Find the full step-by-step guide here. And download the game board PDF here.

Journey to 30 Challenge Board Game PDF

We’ve all been there: you’re finished with a workout and the craving for something sweet strikes.  

You may want to reach for ice cream, cookies, or another confection. But we've got an even better go-to post-workout treat that will soothe your sweet tooth - and leave you feeling oh-so good.

We’re talking about smoothies. Yes, they’re filled with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. But a few key tricks can make them taste like creamy, decadent milkshakes.  

The first trick: Use frozen bananas. Peel and freeze them when they’re starting to turn brown. This coloring tells you that they’re very ripe — and sweet — but not past their prime. They’ll give you the sweetness you’re craving without having to use added sugar.  

The second trick: Choose Greek yogurt. It’s thicker than regular yogurt, so it’ll give you the creamy texture you’re going for. Plus, it delivers high-quality, muscle-building protein, making it a top food for older adults. 

The final trick: After you’ve added all of the recipe ingredients to your blender, add small amounts of water as needed to reach the desired consistency. Be sure to only add one tablespoon at a time. 

Ready to try your hand at one of these super simple delicacies? Keep reading for the full scoop on today's activity.

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The Journey To 30 Challenge Activity No. 9: Make a Dessert Smoothie  

Need inspiration? Think outside of the berry box and whip up the Apple Pie Smoothie, below.

Or check out one of the flavor-packed smoothie recipes from our recipe library that sneak in plenty of healthy nutrients:

Apple Pie Smoothie


1 apple (medium, peeled and chopped)
½ banana, frozen
4 ice cubes
2 tbsp vanilla protein powder
2 tbsp oats
1 tbsp almond butter
¾ tsp cinnamon
1 cup unsweetened almond milk 

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More spices: Feel free to use apple pie spice instead of just cinnamon, or you can add a dash of powdered ginger, powdered cloves, and allspice. 

Different apples: For a more distinct apple flavor, use a tart variety like Granny Smith or McIntosh. 

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