3 Reasons to Write Your SilverSneakers Love Letter Today

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We're on a mission to hear your SilverSneakers story. Here's why - and the feel-good reasons to get involved.

3 Reasons to Write Your SilverSneakers Love Letter, Today

What do you love most about SilverSneakers?

Is it as simple as looking forward to the friendly faces you've met in class? Or the confidence in knowing you can now conquer a flight of stairs without having to stop and rest thanks to the strength exercises you've learned?

Perhaps SilverSneakers changed your life in a more profound way. Maybe you celebrated at the finish line of your first 5K, or got a clean bill of health from your doctor after losing weight.

Whatever the reason you love SilverSneakers, big or small, we want to know!

Through the end of 2022, we’re asking members like you to share their favorite SilverSneakers memories, stories, and experiences with a Love Letter to SilverSneakers. All you have to do is click that link, share your story, and hit submit.

Your story will be featured on the SilverSneakers 30th Anniversary website. (Yes, SilverSneakers is turning 30!) And the first 30 members to write in will receive a free SilverSneakers T-shirt.

But these stories aren't just for show. Sharing can have a real impact on others - and the future of the classes and offerings you love most.

You see, Mary Swanson founded SilverSneakers in 1992 to help her father recover from a heart attack. His story inspired a wave of new (and fun!) fitness offerings for older adults. Today, we serve Medicare Advantage members in all 50 states from more than 70 health plans.

Still need convincing? Here are three, no-excuse reasons to write in today.

Reason #1: You’ll Inspire Someone Else to Kickstart Their Fitness Journey

There are seemingly countless fitness apps and workout plans out there. There are even fancy gadgets that track your steps or allow you to bike, row, and walk with a trainer, virtually.

For some, this can be a major roadblock. Too many choices can be overwhelming. And even if you do manage to pick a program from the seas of options, it's hard to know if the workouts are right for your unique needs and goals.

The result? Stalled results, injuries, or not even starting in the first place.

When you tell others about your SilverSneakers experience, it helps them cut through the noise. Whether they want to do classes in-person at the gym, at their local community center or park, or join us virtually, they’ll know that our expert trainers have their back.

Reason #2: You’ll Let Us Know What SilverSneakers Offerings You Love the Most

Does our Zumba Gold class really make your heart sing? Or has Total Body Strength helped you play with your grandchildren with more ease?

This is the kind of feedback we need to hear. It helps us know what classes are most beneficial to you - both physically and mentally.

Back in the 1990’s, we just had our one signature class: SilverSneakers Classic. It started as a chair-based program that was only available in 15 locations in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

But look how we've grown! We now offer hundreds of live classes each week. And there's now quite the array - all because of your participation and feedback.

Reason #3: You’ll Share the Love With Your SilverSneakers Trainers

Now to the heart and soul of the SilverSneakers program: our trainers.

Sure, they're experts in senior fitness who can tailor workouts to your unique wants and needs. But they also care about your whole-body health - deeply.

SilverSneakers trainers make time to answer questions, offer ways to make moves easier or more challenging, and always inspire you to be your best. There are also special bonds that happen in in-person and Community classes, too.

So why not give a great big public shout-out to the trainers that have helped you the most?

That’s exactly what Janice A. from Orlando, Florida did in her Love Letter to SilverSneakers:

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Dear Silver Sneakers,  

Word of mouth is the best advertisement and when a friend told me about Silver Sneakers, I knew I had to find a health plan that included this program. I've been a member for 1.5 years and I love it.

I started with the On-Demand videos that focused on fall prevention and balance and I got to know Andi, Jenny and Sharlyn who are awesome trainers. Once I was comfortable with the exercise steps on the videos, I started taking LIVE online Classic and Circuit classes and some of the Express classes.

All of the trainers encourage us to try the exercise steps, but if a step doesn't feel right, that's okay. They also encourage us to try other Silver Sneakers classes and they take the time to answer our questions.

I've always been a walker, however, now I am focusing on building my upper body strength. I like how the trainers encourage us to not only focus on our physical health, but our mental health as well. Sharlyn's "Mindfulness and Meditation" classes allow me to shut off the "noise" around me and focus on my inner self. Jenny's classes often end with a few seconds for me to find the "quiet" within myself.

THANK YOU to all of the trainers who have enriched my life by helping me to grow stronger. 

Janice A., Orlando, FL

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