The Surprising Power of a Workout Dedication

By Brittany Risher |

The next time you feel like blowing off the gym, do this instead.

Exercise is the world’s most powerful medicine (here’s the proof). But knowing that doesn’t mean you’ll never want to skip a workout again.

What’s the best way to maintain your motivation? Attach your workout to something larger than yourself, says fitness expert David Jack. Enter the workout dedication.

"Connecting your workout to something greater will give you a natural high, and then exercise will no longer be onerous," Jack explains. "Tap into something that really matters to you-and let it move you."

You can dedicate your workout to a person you love or have lost, or simply something that’s a priority to you, such as a cause you’re passionate about. “Choose something that lights you up inside,” Jack says. Here are two examples.

Workout Dedication #1: A Person

If you have a friend who’s at a Relay for Life or similar event and you can’t be there in person, do a walk in your neighborhood for him or her instead.

Or if something great happens to someone you love, tap into that, Jack says. Do a workout that you love and have a moment of joy as you imagine that person being there with you.

Workout Dedication #2: A Word

Pick a word like "integrity," "courage," or "humility," and layer that into your workout, Jack recommends. What would it look like to do your routine with courage?

Even better, combine the two dedication ideas and think of a person who demonstrates that quality in their life. Then, afterward, send them a note like this:

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Today, I thought about focusing on humility and took that into my activity. I want you to know you are someone who has shown me time and time again what it means to be humble, and it looks so good on you.

"It blows people away when you are authentic," Jack says. "And it's so powerful-it changes what you do in your workout."

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