Desafío de bondad: conéctese con otros espíritus generosos

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We asked SilverSneakers Facebook friends to share ways they show kindness every day — and they definitely delivered.

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This is the final day of our 7-Day Kindness Challenge. Thank you for joining us! Want to catch up? Check out the full challenge here. And download the Activity Guide here.

Goals can be hard to accomplish alone. If you've set an intention of working more random acts of kindness into everyday life, having an accountability partner (or many!) can help you stay on track.

They can remind you of your “why,” talk through challenges, and help you brainstorm fresh and fun ways to keep the good deeds going.

For you, maybe a perfect accountability buddy is your partner or friend. Or maybe it’s your local Silver Sneakers Community. As the name implies, these classes take place in your neighborhood (both in-person and online) and are led by local expert instructors. After all, there’s something special about getting fit alongside your neighbors: You’re not just building strength, you’re building bonds. Check your eligibility instantly here.

Find Inspiration From Friends

Another source that can be used for good: social media. We recently asked our SilverSneakers Facebook friends, "How do you show kindness to yourself and others?" And they had plenty to say. Here's a look at some top answers.

"Hold the door open for others with a smile. Just make a conscious effort to let others know they count."

"The three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Showing kindness to the planet and our community."

“Kindness for myself: I let the dust bunnies roll around for another week before I vacuum.”

"Smile when you see someone, and they will usually smile back. Even with a mask on, people can see the smile in your eyes."

“Be nice; good manners don’t cost you a thing.”

"I try to make everyone I meet smile and laugh. It takes so much less effort to do that than to be a grouch. And you never know, it just might make their day a little bit better."

"More listening and less talking. The less judgmental I am of others, the less judgmental I am of myself."

“I try not to push myself too hard, and I smile and compliment people.”

"I call my friends and family often to check on them and show interest in their lives. I also send cards, and if I cook a big batch of something, I share it with my neighbors. Giving and thinking of others makes me know I am not selfish, and I know my family and friends appreciate me."

“Always say please and thank you.”

“By taking care of my mind and body every day.”

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“Try to stay social. Get out and be around other people, it feels great.”

“Eye contact when talking to people.”

“By committing to my exercise routine daily.”

"For myself, I do my best to stay healthy and love myself a little more. For others, I do little acts of kindness and thoughtfulness to let them know they're appreciated. It's beautiful when you do something that makes someone smile and be happy."

No matter what you choose to do when it comes to showing kindness to yourself and others, the biggest step is to take one. Just a moment of kindness can create a ripple effect that makes someone else, and yourself, feel good. So, ask yourself the same question: How do I show kindness to myself and others?

As one Facebook commenter says, "Kindness is a way of life. After a while, it's an automatic response."

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