Getting Up and Down From the Floor Safely

By Hayley Townsend |

SilverSneakers Trainer Jenny O’Callaghan shares tips for getting down to the floor and back up again—safely.

You asked for tips to help you get up from the floor, and we heard you. Practice these moves to improve your lower-body strength. Then, try our tips and tricks for safely lowering your body and lifting yourself up again. Before you start, make sure you have clear, open space and a chair nearby for support.

Follow along as Jenny shares some standing exercises to help strengthen the muscles in your lower body. Once you feel comfortable and steady, practice the steps she demonstrates to slowly move your body to a seated position on the floor.

Now, sometimes getting back up from the floor can be the tricky part. Jenny will walk you through the movements. Reverse the steps you took to go down and use your lower body strength to slowly lift yourself back up. The more you practice these moves, the safer you'll feel.

Continued practice, balance exercises and simple stretches are also important for building and maintaining leg strength to help you get to the floor and back up easier, in addition to helping prevent falls.

Whether you have previously fallen, are worried about your balance, or feel generally steady on your feet, it’s never too early to talk to your doctor about your risk for falls.

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