Your Daily Workout: 8-Minute Cardio Flow and Go

By the Editors of SilverSneakers |

Get your heart pumping and have fun with this do-anywhere routine.

Walking, biking, swimming, and SilverSneakers classes are amazing ways to get a good cardio workout. But even on days you can’t leave your house or are stuck in a small space, you can get your heart pumping and blood flowing.

In this video, the first follow-along workout in our Fit for Life Challenge, fitness expert David Jack leads you through a fun cardio workout you can do anywhere. “All you need is some open space, a happy face, a little bit of water to stay hydrated, and a towel to dab down if you want,” Jack says.

You'll get started with an easy march then move on to V steps, side steps, small kicks, and punches. As always, go at your own pace, and listen to your body.

"You can map the movement first by taking slow, controlled steps," Jack says. "When you feel comfortable, you can start moving your arms or adding some claps."

Your Daily Workout: Week 1

During the month of January, we’ll share and repeat four follow-along workouts here and on our Facebook page. How you use these workouts is up to you, depending on your goal.

"Follow along as we share for a total-body, movement-based plan," Jack says. "You'll get a little bit of everything." You'll find:

Your Daily Workout: Week 2 and Beyond

After the first week, you can continue to follow along for a total-body plan. Or feel free to repeat or move workouts around to meet your needs.

If your focus is CARDIO:

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  • Monday: 8-Minute Cardio Flow and Go
  • Tuesday: 30-Minute Strength Circuit
  • Thursday: 8-Minute Cardio Flow and Go
  • Saturday: 11-Minute Chair Flow OR 15-Minute Flexibility Flow

If your focus is STRENGTH:

  • Monday: 30-Minute Strength Circuit
  • Tuesday: 8-Minute Cardio Flow and Go
  • Thursday: 30-Minute Strength Circuit
  • Saturday: 11-Minute Chair Flow OR 15-Minute Flexibility Flow

To learn more about the SilverSneakers Fit for Life Challenge, click here. Plus, be sure to connect with us on our Facebook page.

Note: The exercises in this workout may be different or more advanced than those you’ll experience in a SilverSneakers class. Please consult your physician before beginning a physical activity program to make sure it’s safe for you.

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