5 holiday activities that bring the family together

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Getting exercise and staying active doesn’t just mean you have to go to the gym and take a class or lift weights. In fact, you can get creative with the family or play games and it counts as exercise. Those kids have so much energy, why not help them burn some of it off? You can show them how fun it is to be active! Try some of these ideas to get the whole family moving this holiday season.

Pine Cone Decorations

Go outside with the kids and collect pine cones to make some holiday decorations. All you need is some glue, glitter and assorted trim.

Family Football

Grab the family and toss the ball around the backyard. Or break into teams and play a game across the yard. You'll break a sweat in no time, and you won't even notice the calories burning.

Hide and Seek

The young ones usually love hide and seek. When it's your turn to hide, find an easier spot so they don't get discouraged and everyone can have fun!

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Make the list as ridiculous as you'd like, then set a time limit and send everyone to find the items. Have a fun prize ready for the one who comes back with the most items from the list.

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Holiday Cookies

Bake cookies in holiday shapes, and grab the kids to help decorate (they may even want to help bake them). Think of all the memories you'll create, and the everyone will have fun.

No matter the activity, remember to include everyone and just have fun enjoying the season and company. The “exercise” won’t feel like work, but you’ll still burn off those calories. The memories will be priceless. Let us know on Facebook what fun activities you and your family do each year. And if you’d like more holiday activities, recipes and workouts, click the image below for a free Holiday Survival Guide.