6 Delicious Breakfasts You Can Make with Just 3 Ingredients

By K. Aleisha Fetters |

Start your day on a high note with these easy meals that nutritionists love.

3-ingredient breakfast oatmeal

Breakfast has never really been considered the most labor-intensive meal of the day. Plop some cereal in a bowl, douse it with milk, and voila! You're ready to take on the morning.

But in reality, you're lucky if you make it a full two hours before that sugar rush wears off and hunger sets in. The point: What you eat for your morning meal matters. But that doesn't mean it has to be more complicated or time-consuming than a bowl of cereal.

Not convinced? Check out the six breakfast ideas below, which are too simple to even call "recipes." All require just three ingredients and come highly recommended from top nutrition experts.

3-Ingredient Breakfast #1: Easy Avocado Toast

This simple breakfast recipe contains 20-plus grams of protein along with a generous helping of unsaturated fatty acids to help promote muscle and heart health, says Keri Gans, R.D.N., author of The Small Change Diet.

avocado toast

How to make it: Toast 1 slice of whole grain bread, and then smear on ¼ avocado. Top with 2 poached eggs. If poaching is too high-maintenance for you, serve your eggs over easy, scrambled, or even fried, keeping oil to a minimum.

3-Ingredient Breakfast #2: Berry Bliss Smoothie

It's hard to beat the convenience of a smoothie. And this simple blend, courtesy of Jonathan Valdez, R.D.N., a spokesperson for the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, proves you don't have to choose between healthy and tasty.

berry smoothie

How to make it: Add 1 cup fat-free Greek yogurt, ½ cup frozen mixed berries, and ½ cup almond, soy, or cow milk to a blender. Hit “start.” If you prefer a thinner smoothie, simply add some water to the blender, and mix again.

Want more recipes? Try any of these high-protein smoothies.

3-Ingredient Breakfast #3: Egg Muffins

These muffins are the easiest way to start your day with protein and a full serving of vegetables, says Lisa Hayim, R.D., founder of The Well Necessities.

egg muffins

How to make it: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly coat three to four spots of a muffin tin with nonstick spray. Crack 2 eggs into a medium bowl and whisk. Add ½ cup spinach and ¼ chopped bell pepper into the bowl. Pour the mixture into the tin. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes.

3-Ingredient Breakfast #4: Easy-as-Pie Parfait

Simple, sweet, and ready in two minutes or less, this parfait is also packed with protein. It contains well over 20 grams per serving, while also offering up bone-healthy calcium and vitamin D, Gans says. She recommends using a cereal that contains more fiber than sugar per serving.


How to make it: Top 1 cup plain Greek yogurt with 1 cup frozen berries and ½ cup high-fiber cereal of choice.

3-Ingredient Breakfast #5: Banana Oatmeal

With oats, milk, and a banana, you have a creamy, protein- and fiber-packed warm breakfast that’s great for cold mornings. “When picking out the oats, opt for quick-cooking over instant oatmeal that’s pre-sweetened,” says Gans, “because instant oats can hide a lot of added sugar.

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3-ingredient breakfast oatmeal

How to make it: Add ¼ cup oats and 1 cup milk to a small saucepan, and heat until the oats are cooked through to your liking. Put in a bowl, and top with sliced bananas.

Want more ideas? Check out these easy ways to make oatmeal taste amazing.

3-Ingredient Breakfast #6: Simple Spinach Scramble

One skillet, three ingredients, five minutes. "This morning meal provides protein, carbs, fiber, and fat, along with a serving of vegetables and whole grains," says Alissa Rumsey, R.D., creator of the 5-Minute Mindful Eating Exercise.

spinach scrambleHow to make it: Heat a few handfuls of spinach in a nonstick skillet until wilted. Beat 2 or 3 eggs, and add to the skillet. Cook to the desired doneness. Stuff the mixture into a whole wheat pita.

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